Pre & Post Sales Services

Areas of specialty of Presales of AB :

  • Discover – A means to uncover details of business problems that the prospect has. We understand and closely analyses the prospects requirements.
  • Preparation – tailoring a prospect specific presentation or software presentation that precisely meets the needs of the prospect.
  • Demonstration – A demonstration of the vendor product that specifically addresses the prospects business problems. It will be done in a manner that highlights an easy method to solve those problems using the tools available within the Customer suite of product.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) –We have a detailed knowledge of the product suite, in addition to its application to business problems. As such, presales are frequently involved in technical details in RFP preparation.
  • Marketing assistance – Typically the marketing department and presales department align closely. Given presales is directly in touch with the market, they can share market feedback with the marketing team. Presales will often create the technical detail for use in marketing collateral.
  • Product management assistance – We are able to provide unparalleled market feedback to product managers that can be used to influence or provide feedback on product roadmap items.
  • Proposal assistance – We were involved in the sale since the discovery of the prospect business problems, presales will often complete the business analysis and technical component of a sales proposal.

Post-sales Services

AB Enterprises provides comprehensive Post-sales services by expert technicians, including maintenance services as well as providing futuristic solutions for farm as well as for livestock.

  • Dairy Aftermarket products
  • Maintenance services
  • Dairy Service Parts and Accessories Management
  • Up gradation and new updates of technology
  • Warranty Management
  • Customer Experience Management

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